NSF Summer Institute on Nano Mechanics
and Materials

NSF Fellowship
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Inspiring the Coalescence of Fundamental and Application Specific Functional Nanomaterial Development

Tentative Final Program

Daily Breakfast will be provided starting around 8:15am Monday-Thursday ( July 9-12, 2007 )
Lunch will be provided on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ( July 9-11, 2007 )

Each Lecture (L) is 50 minutes long. There will be a 20-30 minute break in the morning and also in the afternoon, the break time will be determined by the instructors in charge.

Monday July 9, 2007 (Registration starts at 8:00am)

Mon 8:30-12:30

Director Wing Kam Liu opening remark and NSF Program Director Clark Cooper
L01 - Introduction to lithography
L02 - Scanning probe microscopy
L03 - Scanning probe lithography

Mon 1:30-5:30

L04 - Introduction to carbon nanotubes
L05 - Advanced processing of carbon nanotubes
L06 - General principles of simulation: Coupling of first-principles theory, experimental data, and           simplified parameterized models
L07 - Model building: 1. Macromolecular filters and nanoreactors

Mon 6:00 or 6:30

Dinner Reception at a place to be announced (RSVP)

Tuesday July 10, 2007

Tu 8:30-12:00

L08 - Model building: 2. Multilayer structures for multifunctionality: from OLEDs to catalysts to          bioactive films
L09 - Model building: 3. Design of a robust solid oxide electrolyte
L10 - Fundamentals of nanoscale patterning and manipulation

Tu 1:00-4:30

L11 - Electrokinetic assembly and manipulation; experimental
L12 - Electrokinetic assembly and manipulation: modeling and simulation I
L13 - Electrokinetic assembly and manipulation: modeling and simulation II

Wednesday July 11, 2007

Wed 8:30-12:00

L14 - Advanced experimental approaches and applications
L15 - Introduction to computational functional materials design I
L16 - Introduction to computational functional materials design II

Wed 1:00-5:30

L17 - Scaling issues in micro/nanofluidics and their applications
L18 - Heat transport in nanoscales
L19 - Applications in thermoelectric energy conversion
L20 - Introduction to thin film processing

Wed 6:30

Dinner Reception at Pine Yard (RSVP)

Thursday July 12, 2007

Thu 8:30-1:00

L21 - Thin film nucleation and structure
L22 - Properties of thin films
L23 - Introduction to solid oxide fuel cells
L24 - Solid oxide fuel cell nano- and micro-structure effects