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Foundational Interrogation Modalities and Novel Applications Forged at the Intersection of Micro/Nanotechnology and Medicine

Yong Chen is a joint Professor of California NanoSystems Institute, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Materials Science and Engineering at UCLA. His current research focuses on nanofabrication technologies, integrated nano device and circuit, and nanoscale biological and medical sensors. Before he joined UCLA, he worked as a Scientist, a Senior Scientist, and a Master Scientist in Quantum Science Research, in Hewlett-Packard Laboratories from 1996 to 2003. The research group led by him in HP demonstrated the world's highest density (40Gbits/inch2) electronic memory circuits in 2003 and the first nanoscale de/multiplexer for electric circuits. His thesis research focused on optoelectronic materials, especially on self-organized semiconductor quantum dots.