NSF Summer Institute on Nano Mechanics
and Materials

NSF Fellowship
Travel Directions
Foundational Interrogation Modalities and Novel Applications Forged at the Intersection of Micro/Nanotechnology and Medicine

Tentative Final Program

Daily Breakfast will be provided starting around 8:15am Monday-Thursday ( July 16-19, 2007 )
Lunch will be provided on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ( July 16-19, 2007 )

Each Lecture (L) is 50 minutes long. There will be a 20-30 minute break in the morning and also in the afternoon, the break time will be determined by the instructors in charge.

Monday July 16, 2007 (Registration starts at 8:00am)

Mon 9:30-12:00

L01 - Conventional Materials for Micro/Nanofabrication
L02 - Introduction to Microfabrication Techniques  
L03 - Parylene as Foundation of Novel Devices

Mon 1:00-3:00

L04 - Micro-HPLC and Cell Filtration Technology
L05 - In Vivo Microfabricated Medical Devices
P01 - Lab Tour 1-CMISE Core Lab Tour

Tuesday July 17, 2007

Tu 9:30-12:00

L06 - Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Biology         
L07 - Smart Petri Dish Technology for Bio-Manipulation         
L08 - Chip-Based Biological Detection Technology        
L09 - Intelligent Control of Cellular States (an overview)  

Tu 1:00-4:30

L10 - Nanomolecular Manipulation and its Applications
L11 - Mechanobiotechnology and its Medical Implications
P02 - Lab Tours 2-UCLA Nanofabrication Facility
P03 - Lab Tours 3-Chih-Ming Ho Laboratory

Wednesday July 18, 2007

Wed 8:30-12:00

L12 - Nanofabrication Modalities-Nanoimprint and nanoelectric lithography
L13 - Nano biodetection technologies
L14 - Nanoscale biostimulated circuit
L15 - Directed Surface Functionalization
P04 - Lab Tours 4-Yong Chen Laboratory

Wed 1:00-3:00

L16 - Bio-Interrogation via Atomic Force Microscopy
L17 - Cancer Biology and Nanomedicine
L18/L19 - Particle Tracking Microrheology
P05 - Lab Tours 5-Teitell Laboratory

Thursday July 19, 2007

Thu 8:30-12:00

L20 - Biological Performance of Materials
L21 - Overview of Deposition Modalites

Thu 1:00-3:00

L22 - Introduction to Block Copolymer Membrane Technology
L23 - Copolymer Membranes as Matrices for Protein Binding
L24 - Drug Trapping and Releasing Copolymeric Materials
P06 - Lab Tours 6- School of Engineering Materials Characterization Core