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Dr. Mike Bedzyk is a Professor of Materials Science and Physics at Northwestern University , and a member of NU's Materials Research Center , Institute of Environmental Catalysis , and Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center . He received his B.S. from SUNY Brockport in 1973 and Ph.D. in Physics from SUNY Albany in 1982. He worked as a staff scientist in the area of X-ray interface science at DESY in Hamburg , Germany from 1982-1984 and at Cornell University from 1985-1991. In 1991 Bedzyk moved to Northwestern University where his research activities take advantage of the Advanced Photon Source located at near-by Argonne National Laboratory. His interests are in atomic-scale analysis of surfaces, interfaces, thin films and nanostructures; utilization of high brightness x-ray synchrotron sources as in-situ structural probes; semiconductor and oxide surfaces and thin films; molecular self-assembly; liquid-solid interface; and X-ray physics. He has over 100 refereed publications. He is a Fellow of the APS and recipient of the Warren Award for Diffraction Physics.

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