NSF Summer Institute on Nano Mechanics
and Materials

NSF Fellowship
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Nanoscale Design of Materials
Program Outline :

Monday August 25th

"Materials by Design"

1. Materials as systems
2. Systems engineering design
3. Design objectives and property/performance relations
4. Demo: Cambridge Engineering Selector- property cross plots

Tuesday August 26th

"Modeling Materials for Design"

0. Review from Monday, questions.
1. Modeling process/structure relationships: Thermodynamics, precipitation, displacive transformations and transformation plasticity, quantum mechanics
2. Demo: ThermoCalc/DICTRA, FLAPW

Wednesday August 27th

"Design Day"

0. Review from Tuesday, questions.
1. Modeling structure/property relationships: strengthening, toughness, hydrogen embrittlement.
2. Design Examples: ultrahigh strength steels, gear and bearing alloys, weld metals.
3. Design Demo: Groups I and II

Thursday August 28th

"Design Integration"

0. Review from Wednesday, questions.
1. Integration techniques and demos: PrecipiCalc, Computational Materials Dynamics
2. Design Examples: Gypsum Wallboard, high strength aluminum, etc.
3. Design Demo: Groups III and IV

Friday August 29th

"Accelerated Development"

0. Review from Thursday, questions.
1. Computational materials design in the full development cycle
2. Robust design and quality engineering techniques
3. Tools for accelerated development.