NSF Summer Institute on Nano Mechanics
and Materials

NSF Fellowship
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Science Fundamentals for Nano-and Bio-Mechanics of Materials
Yip-Wah Chung (Northwestern University)
Roger Narayan (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Guest Lecturers:

Program Outline

7/31/06 - 8/04/06


Part One of this course presents background topics in materials science necessary to understand the basic principles and applications of nanotechnology. Materials science fundamentals include atomic structure and bonding, imperfections, diffusion, dislocations, fracture and fatigue, phase diagrams, electrical, optical, and magnetic properties, corrosion and electrochemistry, and properties of specific materials such as ceramics, polymers, nanocomposites, and prosthetic implant materials. Building on these science fundamentals, Part Two covers essential elements of biology, including chemicals of life (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nuclei acids), energy and enzyme processes, cell structure, the genetic code, transcription and translation, protein synthesis, genetic engineering, etc. This provides physical scientists and engineers a glimpse of the complexity of biological systems from the nano to the micro level. Laboratory demonstrations will be arranged to complement lecture topics.

Course Credit and Pre-requisites
The total number of contact hours for the five day program is 27, and 2.7 CEUs. There are certain pre-requisites for each topic. In order to maximize the learning experience, we will provide course materials to students prior to the class.